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:bulletblue: :bulletred: :bulletgreen: Submitting Art :bulletgreen: :bulletred: :bulletblue:

At the top of the Group's main page, click the "Submit Art" and submit it to the "Members Submission" section. Unless of course it is a contest entry, then you can submit it to the contest folder.

EDIT: Forgot to mention what is NOT allowed! NO Hentai or inappropriate Yaoi/Yuri. If you think your artwork would not be appropriate for most ages(about age 13 at youngest), then do not submit it. If I find it too inappropriate, then I will not submit it.

EDIT(again): I would also like to add in a new rule. I have noticed a lot of manga scans colored. This group promotes the skills of the the people of deviantART. I do not mean to offend anyone at all, so please correct my wording if you must, but I believe that coloring a manga scan does not take very much skill. So to keep it short and simple, please do not submit manga scans or colored manga scans. I may have let a couple slide in the past, but I will no longer accept them.

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